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For the past two years me and my friend Sam Taylor have been working weekends, evenings and nights to make this animated 2D short film. WIth no budget a lot of help from our talented and generous friends we’re finally able to put it online. This marks the second film to come out of The Line studio. It’s time to let this baby out in the wild.

A little film I contributed animation and cleanup to. A drop in the ocean of work that Bjorn and Sam put into this but I hope it helped.

Fantastic work guys! Go check it and turn your monitor portrait for the full experience!

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A selection of storyboard panels for Carnesky’s Tarot Drome - performed at The Old Vic Tunnels beneath London Waterloo in September.

The storyboards were a weekend turn around and was fantastic fun. Burlesque, wrestling, immersive theatre, concert show and roller disco all in one.

Here’s a little video from the show, courtesy of Mr Cottey’s fancy camera work

CARNESKY’S TAROT DROME from Tom Cottey on Vimeo.


Good Morning Muscat!

44c in the shade. Taking en plein air to an extreme sport.

This is a drawing from Al Khoud - a suburb of Muscat known for housing students of the illustrious Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). Like most student towns, catering to food on a budget is often appreciated.

Who wants shawarma? 


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29 Seconds of footage for my gradfilm KATZE, finished and ready for the portfolio.

I’ll tweak the editing for the final thing but for now here’s a snippet for the fine folks of the internet.

"Let me get that"I like drawing lion lass. She’s so at home in London.Drawn in Gimp.

"Let me get that"

I like drawing lion lass. She’s so at home in London.

Drawn in Gimp.